Derek Aitken

Derek AitkenDerek Aitken has been a school inspector and consultant in primary and secondary education for thirteen years.

Since 2006 he has specialised largely in primary education and has successfully led the inspection of over 250 primary schools.*




Derek’s consultancy services for schools include:

  • Training in lesson observation skills.
  • Reviews of diverse areas such as early years and safeguarding.
  • ‘Mocksteds.’

Derek formerly inspected PHSE and Citizenship. He has maintained his interest and expertise in these areas by conducting reviews of these aspects for schools in England and Jersey.

Derek can support primary schools in the following areas:

  • Aspects covered by the current Ofsted framework;
  • Preparation for, and reviews of outcomes of, Ofsted inspections;
  • Data analysis, interpretation of ‘messages’ and identification of priorities;
  • School self-evaluation, including SEF writing;
  • School development planning;
  • Enhancing aspects of pupils’ personal development and well-being;
  • Specific reviews of aspects of school effectiveness, such as governance and the use of the pupil premium.



For further information please contact Derek Aitken on
Mobile: 07830 177031





What pleases me most is that I feel that you have really got underneath what our school is about, and recognised the detail of all the little things we do, and have done consistently over the years as making a difference to our children.

We appreciated your rigour, thoroughness and attention to detail, it makes the outcome all the more meaningful for us’. (Post-inspection email from Executive headteacher of Birmingham primary school- November 2014.)