Johnny Hall – Voice Kit


Johnny HallWith 19 years of classroom experience, Johnny focuses on how stress affects the voice; linking behaviour strategies and effective voice care skills and techniques to reduce the risk of early damage to the vocal folds.

In 2002, four years into his teaching career, Johnny developed nodules on his vocal folds. This was due to overuse, struggling on and not knowing what to do with an increasingly sore voice. What followed was a lot of frustration; surgery, recuperation and voice training.

A practical and fun session with on-going care and advice, Voice Kit’s aim is to enable teachers to have the skills and training to care for that most precious of teaching tools – their beautiful, unique voice!

It is through teaching and the essential insight into classroom dynamics – the daily requirements on the voice- that he continues to develop, adapt and use all the skills and techniques offered in the session.

Hi Johnny, I just wanted to express my thanks for the brilliant voice training workshop you led for us yesterday. Feedback from the staff who attended has been extremely positive. It’s an area that we’d like to incorporate into our new staff induction programme next year and we’d be delighted to work with you again then. Best wishes.” Ben Hill (Deputy Head teacher, Parrs Wood, Manchester).


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