Tailor Made For Your School

Phillips and Leslie provide a wide range of training for all sizes of groups of staff, school leaders and governors. Each package is tailor made for the school, so uses the information that the school is familiar with. For example, a course on lesson observation would start by looking at the school’s own performance data. In this way the training is highly personalised and relevant, right down to an individual teacher.

Our most popular topics include:

  • RAISEonlineAnalysing RAISEonline and the dashboard: to provide a full picture of a school’s performance.
  • Using data to improve achievement: how to analyse internal tracking and external results to target actions at those areas most in need of improvement.
  • Understanding how governors use data to monitor and challenge school leaders: an overview of the data available, how to use it and what questions to ask.
  • Improving lesson observations: how to plan observations, carry them out, record the evidence and provide feedback.
  • Developing the role of middle leaders: analysing the skills that middle leaders need and improve their effectiveness.
  • Phillips & Leslie TrainingMoving from good to outstanding (for teachers): a very popular, non-threatening, voluntary course where individuals are observed and receive in-depth guidance on how to make those small changes that can lead to outstanding teaching. It includes a personalised action plan and follow up observations. (Note: this course is usually limited to 5 teachers per consultant on any given day).
  • An inspector calls; so what will happen? A complete explanation of the inspection process from what the lead inspector does before the telephone call to the publication of the final report and possible monitoring.
  • Developing inspection skills: This course aims to help school leaders to ‘inspect’ themselves. The focus is on data analysis for self-evaluation, lesson observations and the collation of users’ views.




Quite simply, the best professional development I have ever attended . Head of faculty, Aylestone Business and Enterprise College